The Kings of Mongrel Folk


The Kings of Mongrel Folk would like to join with Wall Street in wishing you all the best in the coming era of Global Climate Change.

When there's peace we've got money
When there's war we've got guns
When there's gold in a sunbeam then we'll own the sun
When the green revolution begins the beguine
You can have the solution 'cause we'll have the green

While the winds are a blowin' the windmills will spin
It's a big wheel of fortune and we're bound to win
When the Lord sets the table there's one thing for sure
That we'll get the apple and you'll get the core

But if the sun starts a blazing and there ain't no more rain
You'll be fighting for water we'll be drinking champagne
If that hard rain's a falling and the seas start to rise
We'll be on those tall mountains with tears in our eyes

And if our number comes up and we all have to go
You'll be going down fast we'll be going down slow
While two are still standing there's a race yet to run
Though it may still be curtains there's one thing for certain
There'll be only one winner and I'll be the one